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"Long Live Your Pet"


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Pet Parlor is a local family owned and operated specialty store, working hard to get the products that would bring the love of our four legged and feathered friends together. We have all you could need when it comes to pet supplies. Unable to carry and lift heavy items? We can help! We will gladly carry out your items to your vehicle and load them for you!
Dogs & Cats
You'll be amazed at the choices of All Natural, Organic Cat and Dog Food, and accessories in our shop. We have a special formula for your furry friend to keep coats, ears, eyes, and digestive systems healthy and happy.
Whether you have snake, lizard, turtle, bird or guinea pig, we'll always supply you with the right feed supply for your little companion.
Freshwater fish make your aquarium just as beautiful as saltwater fish for much less. We provide you with knowledgeable instructions on how to start your aquarium, what fish is the best choice for you, and how to maintain it in order to keep crystal clear water and healthy fish.
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